Design# 10001
Inside Verse: Happy Birthday to a very graceful person.

Design# 10002
Inside Verse: Happy Birthday to a person who has nothing to hide!

Design# 10003
Inside Verse: Maybe you should let someone else blow out the candles this year.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10004
Inside Verse: There's no money in it, either.

Design# 10005
Inside Verse: So happy to see that your friends are still around to party with you.


Design# 10006
Inside Verse: Happy Birthday!

Design# 10007
Inside Verse: At your age, it's perfectly normal to feel a little alienated. Happy Birthday

Design# 10008

Design# 10009
Inside Verse: only mine had money in it.

Design# 10010
Inside Verse: over you're hill the

Design# 10011
Inside Verse: Don't ever change! You're perfect just the way you are! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Design# 10012
Inside Verse: Hive a great bee-day!

Design# 10013
Inside Verse: It's your birthday, so go ahead and party till the cows come home!

Design# 10014
Inside Verse: Just thought I'd dress for the occasion.

Design# 10015
Inside Verse: Sorry I brought it up.



Design# 10018
Inside Verse: I tell them you are NOT crabby!

Design# 10019
Inside Verse: Unless of course, you turn on your hearing aid.

Design# 10020
Inside Verse: That carbon dating technique is incredible, isn't it? Happy Birthday

Design# 10022
Inside Verse: ...So I stole it.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10023
Inside Verse: "senility."
Happy Birthday

Design# 10024
Inside Verse: ...wandering around aimlessly in the mall, wearing funny clothes...

Design# 10025
Inside Verse: So I got it for you.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10026
Inside Verse: Hey, I said it was a dream...
Happy Birthday

Design# 10027
Inside Verse: rub their face in it!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10028
Inside Verse: Jurassic, right?

Design# 10029
Inside Verse: - Divide it in half.

Design# 10031
Inside Verse: ...cake breath.

Design# 10032
Inside Verse: Old people are always complaining that they're cold...HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Design# 10036
Inside Verse: ...or at your age, a hip.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10037
Inside Verse: Apey birthday.



Design# 10038
Inside Verse: You probably shouldn't "pee out" your birthday cake.

Design# 10043
Inside Verse: ...than dirt.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10044
Inside in cards, however, continues to decline.

Design# 10046
Inside Verse: sit down in your rocking chair and I'll read it to you... real loud...

Design# 10055
Inside Verse: Although now that you see it, it was pretty silly to worry, huh?


Design# 10058
Inside Verse:these new musical cards are really something, aren't they?

Design# 10059
Inside Verse: ...a cake?

Design# 10060
Inside Verse: hmmm. "greeting card." very interesting choice. Noth the one I would've made in your place... but still nice.

Design# 10061
Inside Verse: Why not, you forget everything else...

Design# 10062


Design# 10063
Inside Verse: self-service.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10069

Inside Verse: I think a rich fantasy life is important for people your age.
Happy Birthday!

Design# 10074
Inside Verse: out for the candles and try not to get any frosting on your butt.
Happy Birthday!

Design# 10075
Inside Verse: your favorite game.
Happy Birthday



Design# 10076
Inside Verse: It's only a birthday... hang in there.

Design# 10077
Inside Verse: For some reason, that goofy concept seems comforting to old people...
Happy Birthday

Design# 10078
Inside Verse: - Thought you'd enjoy a country n' western thong.

Design# 10079
Inside Verse: Landing on it's edge meant you got a card.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10080
Inside Verse: ...and no one ever gets themselves a card.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10081

Design# 10082
Inside Verse: After about 29 of 'em, the thought of another one is pretty disgusting. (Hope yours is happy!)

Design# 10083
Inside Verse: This isn't just some pathetic way to get some cake, presents, and attention, is it?
Happy Birthday

Design# 10084
Inside Verse: 'course, I'm sitting pretty far away...
Happy Birthday

Design# 10085
Inside Verse: Honey, can you come in here? I can't see to put glue on these teeny little parts!
[man with model airplane]

Design# 10086
Inside Verse: On the front of this card is a lying cat!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10087
Inside Verse: But they will never replace sex!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10088
Inside Verse: Natural is a grey area!

Inside Verse: They keep smiling even when we don't!

Design# 10090
Inside Verse: Feeling a bit chilly? Happy Birthday



Design# 10091
Inside Verse: Happy birthday to a masterpiece.

Design# 10105
Inside Verse: Like you, claiming to be 39...

Design# 10106
Inside Verse: Hey - what's done is done.
Happy Birthday

Inside Verse: You're a little old to believe in fairy tales, aren't you?
Happy Birthday

Inside Verse: It gave me error messages on "young", "youthful", and "vibrant".
Happy Birthday

Inside Verse: Happy Birthday

Design# 10112
Inside Verse: Of course, I'm going to put some on the cake, too!

Design# 10115
Inside Verse: A highly effective shopper:
1) believes money can't buy happiness, but shopping for it comes close
2) never accepts a sale as final
3) always wears comfortable shoes
4) brings a wallet full of plastic
5) never buys at retail prices
6) leaves hubby and the kids at home
7) lives for the thrill of guilt free shopping
Happy Birthday a real pro!

Design# 10116
Inside Verse: "It's no damn fun."
Happy Birthday

Design# 10120
Inside Verse: Simply present it again next year to receive additional birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Design# 10172
Inside Verse: - Then you have no reason to complain.
Happy Birthday


Design# 10174
Inside Verse: You're real old so I'll have to holler!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10175
Inside Verse: ...from the 1950's...
Happy Birthday

Design# 10176
Inside Verse: ...and the "kids" are in their 40's.

Design# 10178
Inside Verse: ...of the sofa.



Design# 10179
Inside Verse: Happy Birthday... no matter what your age!

Design# 10182
Inside Verse: -and I figure if it isn't really happening, you don't need a gift.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10183
Inside Verse: - you know the drill.

Design# 10201
Inside Verse: Happy Birthday!

Design# 10214
Inside Verse: know, sit around all day and have people bring you things!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10215
Inside Verse: I'm sure you're not as old as you look.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10218
Inside Verse: Suck it up!

Design# 10226
Inside Verse: May your birthday be a dream come true.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10229
Inside Verse: No matter how many you've had, you kinda wish it'd been a couple less.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10230
Inside Verse: But I wasn't the tenth caller!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10232
Inside Verse: Another Chin!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10233
Inside Verse: Start Lying about your age.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10234
Inside Verse: ...You're how old?
Happy Birthday

Design# 10240
Inside Verse: Go wild!

Design# 10258
Inside Verse: Play your cards right, and you'll have a happy birthday.




Design# 10270
Inside Verse: Or you can just eat this card... tastes the same and you won't have to clean any dishes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Design# 10271
Inside Verse: But not from the doggie! Happy Birthday!


Design# 10224
Inside Verse: That's spanish for, "someone I can borrow stuff from".

Design# 10268
Inside Verse: Which made shopping for your birthday gifr really easy! Happy Birthday



Design# 10225
Inside Verse: Otherwise, it would really suck.



Design# 10039
Inside Verse: Happy bleated birthday.

Design# 10213
Inside Verse: How could you?! Hope it was unforgetable!

Design# 10260
Inside Verse: Sorry if this card is a little "behind the times..."

Design# 10246
Inside Verse: It's no fun! Have a great 21st birthday!

Design# 10245
Inside Verse: What an excellent reason to party!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10101
Inside Verse: Wake up every two hours, crying...
Happy Birthday

Design# 10207
Inside Verse: Or, at least you could've yesterday.
Happy Birthday



Design# 10247
Inside Verse: Twenty Less candles!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10104
Inside Verse: I ain't so tough!

Design# 10259
Inside Verse: Happy Birthday to one of the original great Moms.

Design# 10109
Inside Verse: NOW can we have sex?

Design# 10208
Inside Verse: ...the little sex kitten!
Love You

Design# 10211
Inside Verse: ...What's the symbol for "groping and fondling?" Love You

Design# 10253
Inside Verse: Because you are!
Happy Birthday with Love

Design# 10254

Design# 10209
Inside Verse: Thanks for being both.

Design# 10212
Inside Verse: Hey - that's what siblings are for!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10231
Inside Verse: or you could just admit that it's more fun getting fat!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10256
Inside Verse: Related to me!
Have a great birthday!

Design# 10244
Inside Verse: This is a big hug and a kiss with a fold down the middle!
Happy Birthday!

Design# 10248
Inside Verse: making sure that I was properly spoiled!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10249
Inside Verse:Because you're so wonderful!
Have a great birthday!



Design# 10203
Inside Verse: Just thought it'd be nice to give you something that didn't need fixing.
Happy Birthday

Inside Verse:
1. Have a great birthday!
2. You're the best!

Design# 10255
Inside Verse: YOU RULE!

Design# 10257
Inside Verse: Thanks for being both

Design# 10222
Inside Verse: Afer all, you've got a high score.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10250
Inside Verse: Landing on its edge meant you got a card.
Happy Birthday

Design# 10251
Inside Verse: Hope it puts a huge grin on your face!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10216
Inside Verse: Yike! You'd be in pet heaven!
Happy Birthday!
(glad you're not a dog)

Design# 10221
Inside Verse: May your birthday be filled with special "guy moments".

Design# 10227
Inside Verse: ...from the deep end of the gene pool.

Design# 10236
Inside ain't seen nothin' yet!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10243
Inside Verse: Sure hope your special day keeps your tail wagging!

Design# 10252
Inside Verse: It's just no fun!
Have a happy birthday!

Design# 10237
Inside Verse: ... and no one ever gets themselves a card. ENJOY!
Happy Birthday

Design# 10220
Inside Verse: oooo! congratulations!



Design# 10121
Inside Verse: To a couple with a lot of chemistry!

Inside Verse:...Because dating was just getting too expensive...

Design# 10217
Inside Verse: Although, to tell you the truth, I don't even know what "nuptials" are, exactly. Sounds kinda dirty, really... They must be good.
Hope yours are fun!

Design# 10016
Inside Verse: ...They look at everything as being "hers"...

Design# 10041
Inside Verse: ...and I've always said that you two belong in an institution.
Happy anniversary

Design# 10047
Inside Verse: ...This is the "cheap-ass card" year...

Design# 10064
Inside Verse: Sure, it's easy for them... they only live about five years... Happy Anniversary

Design# 10065
Inside Verse: who are in it for the long hall!

Inside Verse: Of course, so are men.

Inside Verse: ...then you two oughta' be busted!
Happy Anniversary

Design# 10113
Inside Verse: ...The Ying and Yang of a lifelong pair.
Happy Anniversary to a wonderfully balanced couple!

Design# 10119
Inside Verse: of course, we never were allowed back into that suopermarket...

Design# 10219
Inside Verse: This time even without the wedding gifts.
Happy Anniversary, Honey

Design# 10017
Inside Verse: Being married to you is even more exciting than the playoffs.

Design# 10269
Inside Verse: Sure hope your anniversary has "happiness" written all over it!"
Happy Anniversary



Design# 10021
Inside Verse: if you heat the beer up too fast, the chocolate melts and sticks to the ham.
-hope you're feeling better!

Design# 10030
Inside Verse: ..."you're GOING to school, Bucko!"
Get Well Soon

Design# 10033
Inside Verse: Get Well Soon.

Design# 10034
Inside Verse: You are sooooo kinky. Get well soon!

Design# 10035
Inside Verse: Hope you're soon over it.
Get well soon.

Design# 10040
Inside Verse: - hope you get well rabbitly.

Design# 10042
Inside Verse: GET WELL SOON! ...and you getter do what the General says.

Design# 10048
Inside Verse: The character you play is sick.
Get well soon!

Design# 10049
Inside Verse: ...not "sickness".
Get well soon!

Design# 10050
Inside Verse: Unfortunately, your H.M.O. won't cover it. Get well soon.

Design# 10052
Inside Verse:What kind - baseball, boogie, cat scratch, or disco?
Get Well Soon

Design# 10053
Inside Verse: - get well!

Design# 10068
Inside Verse: - and chase the ice cream with four margaritas!

Design# 10099
Inside Verse: And you are the best of us. Hope you're feeling better!

Design# 10118
Inside Verse: That was grandma's "remedy" for everything. A rainy day, a sore foot, a bad day at work, a good day at work, a headache, a toothache...GET WELL SOON



Design# 10205
Inside Verse: ...And you wonder why you're sick. Get Well Soon

Design# 10228
Inside Verse: After all, that was your pre-existing condition.
Feel better

Design# 10045
Inside Verse: I hobe you're odd your feed agaid, and feeling bedder sude.

Design# 10265
Inside Verse: That fifth doctor thinks three or four belts of good scotch is the ticket. Either way -- get well soon

Design# 10173
Inside Verse: Heard you were down and wearing a frown... But, please don't be blue, 'cause I'm here for you!

Design# 10181
Inside Verse: -Better do what it says.

Design# 10202
Inside Verse: You Rule!

Design# 10123
Inside Verse: My tail is still wagging!

Design# 10235
Inside Verse: I'm internally grateful!

Inside Verse: You shouldn't have, but I sure am glad you did!

Design# 10266
Inside Verse: ... and not, you know, one of those OLD ones.

Design# 10200
Inside Verse: Bet you're crazy about your new baby boy!

Design# 10262
Inside Verse: Especially if you're doing it right!

Design# 10054
Inside Verse: Just clear off the VCR and it's no problem at all.

Design# 10056
Inside Verse: ...we have husbands.



Design# 10057
Inside Verse: The men were supposed to end up on Venus, but were too damned stubborn to ask for directions.

Design# 10092
Inside Verse: If sex were fair, I'd be getting more.

Design# 10094
Inside Verse: Can I see them all again, and then decide?

Design# 10097
Inside Verse: This is a once in a lifetime offer... so take advantage of it.

Design# 10098
Inside Verse: ...mine!

Design# 10114
Inside Verse: It's nice having a real friend. Thanks for being there.

Design# 10122
Inside Verse: I mean you're ONE in a million!

Design# 10177
Inside Verse: That's French for "crap".

Design# 10180
Inside Verse: ...they aren't acting.

Design# 10206
Inside Verse: You know way too much on me for us not to be friends...

Design# 10093
Inside Verse: sometimes I stand.

Design# 10095
Inside Verse: And then I got arrested for disturbing the peace!

Design# 10210
Inside Verse: ...before I start to really pester you!

Design# 10242
Inside Verse: even if they're only drinking water?

Design# 10263
Inside Verse: Not in the creepy, stalky, makes-you-want-to-seek-a-restraining-order kind of way... just in a good way.



Design# 10264
Inside Verse: Howdy Doody.

Design# 10051
Inside Verse: ...and I'm bummin'. miss you.

Design# 10096
Inside Verse: No butts about it.

Design# 10102
Inside Verse: Without you, there's plenty fo CHIT but no CHAT>

Design# 10117
Inside Verse: such a drag.
Miss You.

Design# 10223
Inside Verse: Being without you makes me nuts.

Design# 10261
Inside Verse: Since you've been gone, I've really been singing the blues.
Miss You

Design# 10103
Inside Verse: Try another organ.

Design# 10241
Inside Verse: I don't think you're allowed to say "dumb-ass" in these kinds of cards.

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